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Hurricane ETA – Cross Pointe Gate Operation Next 36 Hours

Hello Everyone, The gates will remain open during Hurricane ETA while it passes the Bay Area. Accurate Electronic will be disconnecting the gates and will place them on the open position for the next 36 hours to protect them from lightening and any potential wind damage.

With the wandering path of Hurricane Eta and its new projection to hit the Tampa Bay Area and cross the country through the Orlando Area, the President and Vice President of Accurate Electronics Inc recommend the following actions to be taken from on how to safely secure your gates:

Gate operators are set to open with the battery backup if power goes out. However, with a hurricane coming, we wound not recommend depending solely on the battery backup. There could be flooding or lightning first, which might fry the circuit that opens the gate with the battery. If you are expecting a hurricane and want the gates to be wide open, we recommend opening them, turning the power off and disconnecting the batteries, and tie or stake the gates open securely so that high winds don’t blow them around.