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On March 30, 2021, work will begin to televise two drainage pipes to

determine their conditions so we can estimate a replacement date.

The two pipes are located as follows:

1. Pipe that runs behind Elk Way in Hunter’s Crossing beginning at

the old Sunflower Park area and extending all along the Duke

Power Easement. This work will begin on Tuesday, March 30 and

will extend into the early week of April 5.

2. Pipe that runs along Woodlands Blvd. from the canal between

Preserve and Cross Creek down to the area between Cross Creek

and Stonebriar, just past Pebblebrook Drive. This work is

projected to begin mid next week upon completion of the Elk Way


The contractor will have members directing traffic along Woodlands

Blvd. We ask that everyone please SLOW DOWN to give the workers

the appropriate room they need to complete these projects.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Eastlake Water Community Update – Damage to Pump Station

We are just following up on the emergency situation with one of our main pump houses for ELW Water in order to update you with the status.  The damage and impact was far greater than anticipated but we have found our resolution.

The pump house building is a total loss requiring it to be demolished and rebuilt.  Thankfully, the pump station itself is intact and for the most part undamaged.  We have obtained and installed a generator that will allow us to provide water starting next week and until the restoration project is completed.  Below is a bulleted list of details for you.

Water will be available beginning at 7pm on Monday, August 3rd

  • After August 3rd, watering will be available from 7pm-7am, Sunday evening through Friday morning
    • There will be NO WATERING AVAILABLE from 7am Friday mornings through 7pm Sunday evenings
    • Below is the watering schedule as it stands
        • MONDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 0 or 1
        • TUESDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 2 or 3
        • WEDNESDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 4 or 5
        • THURSDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 6 or 7
        • FRIDAY (12am – 7am only):  Addresses ending in the numbers 8 or 9
  • Because the permitting process with the county will be required for the structure, we are anticipating 6-8 weeks at a minimum until the project is complete
  • Once the rebuild is complete, we will communicate out to the community that we are back to our normal schedule

COVID 19 Updated Information from Pinellas County

A Tweet by Halsey Beshears, Florida’s Secretary of the Department of Business & Professional Regulations,  at 11:05 a.m. this morning (06/26/20) indicated that, “Effective immediately, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation is suspending on premises consumption of alcohol at bars statewide.” We are awaiting an order or official announcement from the state, as well as further guidance.  We will share more information as it becomes available.

Follow up links for the Pinellas County Face Covering Ordinance: