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Hurricane ETA – Cross Pointe Gate Operation Next 36 Hours

Hello Everyone, The gates will remain open during Hurricane ETA while it passes the Bay Area. Accurate Electronic will be disconnecting the gates and will place them on the open position for the next 36 hours to protect them from lightening and any potential wind damage.

With the wandering path of Hurricane Eta and its new projection to hit the Tampa Bay Area and cross the country through the Orlando Area, the President and Vice President of Accurate Electronics Inc recommend the following actions to be taken from on how to safely secure your gates:

Gate operators are set to open with the battery backup if power goes out. However, with a hurricane coming, we wound not recommend depending solely on the battery backup. There could be flooding or lightning first, which might fry the circuit that opens the gate with the battery. If you are expecting a hurricane and want the gates to be wide open, we recommend opening them, turning the power off and disconnecting the batteries, and tie or stake the gates open securely so that high winds don’t blow them around.



FDOT has begun the reconfiguration at this intersection.  Effective 8/12/20 you will not be able to turn left onto Tampa Road from Sunflower and will need to utilize the traffic light at East Lake Woodlands Parkway and Tampa Road.

Additionally, SR 584/SR 580 (Tampa Road) will be repaved from SR 586 (Curlew Rd.) to St. Petersburg Drive.  Lane closures: Sunday, August 16 through Thursday, August 20 from 7:30 PM to 6:00 AM.

Management and Associates is currently closed to the public until further notice, therefore we encourage all documentation to be sent electronically at this time. As always, emails and phone calls will be responded to timely. 

 Thank You

 Mary Hunt


Management & Associates

720 Brooker Creek Blvd # 206

Oldsmar, FL 34677

If you are inquiring about: a homeowner questionnaire; an estoppel; a sale balance; a transfer of ownership balance; association governing documents or any other closing documentation, please log-on to


Eastlake Water Community Update – Damage to Pump Station

We are just following up on the emergency situation with one of our main pump houses for ELW Water in order to update you with the status.  The damage and impact was far greater than anticipated but we have found our resolution.

The pump house building is a total loss requiring it to be demolished and rebuilt.  Thankfully, the pump station itself is intact and for the most part undamaged.  We have obtained and installed a generator that will allow us to provide water starting next week and until the restoration project is completed.  Below is a bulleted list of details for you.

Water will be available beginning at 7pm on Monday, August 3rd

  • After August 3rd, watering will be available from 7pm-7am, Sunday evening through Friday morning
    • There will be NO WATERING AVAILABLE from 7am Friday mornings through 7pm Sunday evenings
    • Below is the watering schedule as it stands
        • MONDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 0 or 1
        • TUESDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 2 or 3
        • WEDNESDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 4 or 5
        • THURSDAY:  Addresses ending in the numbers 6 or 7
        • FRIDAY (12am – 7am only):  Addresses ending in the numbers 8 or 9
  • Because the permitting process with the county will be required for the structure, we are anticipating 6-8 weeks at a minimum until the project is complete
  • Once the rebuild is complete, we will communicate out to the community that we are back to our normal schedule