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Incident Reports

Hello Everyone,

If you see something, say something and report it!  Recently one of our homeowners had an unfortunate situation where a scooter was run over by a work vehicle and sped off. This was reported to the Sheriffs Dept. and also the Master Association. If you have any video cameras in the vicinity of Cross Tee and Cross Pointe drive, please review them. We are looking for a white pickup truck could be a pool company, pressure washing company or similar. The Eastlake Woodlands Rover Security is 813-462-8971and Pinellas County Sheriff non emergency number 727-582-6200.

19:18(Eastern) Cross Pointe / Cross Pointe Drive

Call for service At approximately 5:21 p.m. Resident called to report at approximately 5:05 pm a white pickup truck ran over a scooter located at the end of his parents driveway of Cross Pointe Drive in Cross Pointe. Several people including visitors heard the loud noise but didn’t see it happen, only seen this pickup (some kind of white work truck) speeding away ) The young men couldn’t see tag number because something of or on truck was covering it. According to visitors parents the scooter was valued at approximately $550.00. A witness from The Preserve along with others gave their statement to The Deputy’s at the scene. Deputy Drish and Mason. Case number 164918. I had checked the logs at each gate house and asked each Officer if they remembered this truck. Neither one recalled seeing it. There was another Resident that had called me about this later, but her phone call kept breaking up. I seen and spoke with her at the scene. I left location at approximately 7:00 pm.


Reminder Second HOA Payment Due April 1st!

Friendly reminder that the second bi-annual payment is due April 1st, 2020 in the amount of $600.00.

Please make checks payable to: Cross Pointe HOA of Pinellas Inc.

Bill Pay Account #: 15011872481

Mail Payment to : PO Box 628207 Orlando FL 32862-8207

If you have questions, please reach out to Holiday Isles Management at 727-548-9402

Watering Schedule

The link below is for the most recent Pinellas County Watering Schedule.
If you are on reclaimed water and need assistance you can contact:

Eastlake Water
1055 E Lake Woodlands Pkwy, Oldsmar, FL 34677
Watering Schedule

For all other water needs contact:
Pinellas County Utilities – 727-464-4000

Trees, Sidewalks and more…

You have probably have seen the red tape around trees, white marks on the concrete sidewalks recently and are wondering what these all mean. The trees are marked with red tape to identify where they are lifting a sidewalk, possibly a damaged tree, or dying tree. These are marked for sidewalk removal and repair, root grinding or possibly removing pending county permit.

The white dots on the sidewalks identify sections of sidewalks that are identified to be removed and replaced. The white dashes about 6 inches long are sidewalks that have been identified to be “grinding” down so that are not a trip hazard.

The board just received the bids for these last week and are reviewing them. These amounts are  budgeted in the 2019 budget and the proposed  2020 budget in their specific line item.